Breeze of culture on Tuesdays

13 July–24 August

Under the linden tree in the garden of Khislstein Castle vrtu

The Breeze of Culture on Tuesdays brings literary evenings and talks, as well as performances by the Prešeren Theatre Kranj. The programme is in Slovenian.



Programme 2021:


13 July, 8pm, pop quiz

20 July, 8pm, Irena Cerar with fairytales from the border to Austria and Italy, music by Janez Dovč

27 July, 8pm, Science on the Street: Dr. Andreja Gomboc

2 August, 8pm, conversation with Darja Groznik, moderated by Miha Šalehar

10 August, 8pm, conversation with Miha Mohor, moderated by Boštjan Gorenc Pižama

17 August, 8pm, conversation with Nejč Slapar, music by Slutnja poletja

24 August, 8pm, theatre performance: Večja od vseh (Prešeren Theatre Kranj) - purchase tickets HERE